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Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) drive alignment, focus, and execution across your organization.

Let us help you leverage the OKR framework to help your organization achieve rapid growth in the areas that are important to your business.

OKR Coaching & Consulting Services

Our goal is to empower our clients to use OKRs as an enabler for creating a results driven culture. When implemented correctly, OKRs can help build a high-performance culture that is based on Clarity, Alignment, Transparency, and Engagement.

OKR Training & Certification

We offer OKR certification training and custom in-house workshops tailored to your organizations specific needs.

OKR Consulting and Coaching

We offer both onsite and remote OKR consulting and coaching. We can be your OKR champion or provide support for your OKR team.

OKR Program Implementation

We can design and implement a program that aligns and engages your entire organization around Objectives and Key Results.

OKR Program Assessments

Is your OKR program struggling to provide the benefits you expected? We offer a comprehensive assessment that can identify the anti-patterns that are impacting your organizations OKR program.

Scaling Objectives and Key Results

We have identified proven patterns for successfully and efficiently rolling out company-wide OKR programs. Our guarantee is that we can implement a quarterly OKR program in your organization in 2-weeks! Our approach ensures clarity and alignment throughout your entire organization! Don't let complexity and scale impact a successful and long-living OKR program!

The Quarterly OKR Cycle

One quality that sets OKRs apart from most other planning strategies is the fact that goals aren’t simply dictated from the executive level down. The OKR process should reflect circular discussions among employees and managers, where at least 60% of the company’s goals are bottom-up. Another quality is the cadence, which is seen in the Quarterly OKR Cycle.
Establish Enterprise Context

Senior leaders establish top-line company OKRs. If you’re setting OKRs for Q1, this is also the time to set your annual plan, which can help guide the direction of company.

Co-Create and Localize OKRs

Communicate company OKR to everyone! Based on the company’s OKRs, teams develop their own OKRs and share them with each other.

Develop Action Plans

Once lower level OKRs are created, it's time to create vertical and horizontal action plans. This will require negotiation and coordination between and across teams.

Frequent Check-Ins & Scoring

Throughout the quarter, employees measure and share their progress, checking in regularly within and across teams. Assessing and scoring on a monthly basis.

Quarterly Reviews & Calibration

At the end of the quarter, teams score their OKRs, perform a self‐assessment, and retrospect on what they have accomplished. Results are shared company-wide.

The benefits of Objectives and Key Results

Traditionally, companies set high-level goals at the beginning of the year, and then everyone forgets about them within a month. To combat the issue, OKRs help organizations build high-performing teams by empowering and engaging individuals so they’ll be better at their job and aligned to the companies primary goals.

Organizational Alignment

OKR goals inform and align everyone’s work at your company to the top corporate objectives.

Clarity and Focus

Everyone knows their clearly defined goals and the entire company focuses on the things that matter most.

Improve Continuous Learning

Through frequent check-ins, OKRs offer your company faster learning and improvement that drive better results.

Increase Accountability

Monitoring and measuring your key results and key performance indicators improve accountability and execution.

Create Transparency

OKRs bring transparency to your company, everyone see what others are working on driving collaboration and better performance.

Accelerate Results

Through clarity, focus, alignment, connection and continuous learning, your company will accelerate performance, driving better results.

Ready to Achieve Better Business Outcomes?

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