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    Proactive Qualities of OKRs

    Companies in different industries are religiously implementing OKRs because of its many distinct proactive qualities that guarantees the transformation of any organization.

    Strategic goals are cascaded from top-down to bottom up in an organization.

    The company is encouraged to share its objectives with employees and the employees are empowered to align their actions to the company objectives.

    OKRs provide organizations with clarity so they can focus their teams and employees.

    Alignment between the company and the workforce.

    Performance is ensured to always be measurable and aligned to specific goals.

    A culture of excellence is encouraged by empowering employees to go beyond their comfort zone.

    Regular assessments and check-ins foster the culture of accountability.

    People are encouraged to focus on results and not the tasks. This means they are trained to know the difference between delivering outcomes and just doing tasks.

    The creation of OKR is a way to tap into the collective intelligence of an organization.

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